Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hooray - I'm Excellent!

A huge thank you to Robin at Made with Love for giving me the E for Excellent award! As a big fan of Robin's blog, I was thrilled to see that she enjoyed mine as well - thank you, Robin! Now in keeping with the tradition of the awards, I now get to recognize five blogs that I think are excellent!
My first pick is Amanda at Mommy and Monster. Her recipes are always simple and to the point, which I appreciate and I love that she's started to get adventurous and participate in groups like the Daring Bakers! I also enjoy the cute pictures she posts of her dog and son.
The next E goes to Melissa at Mrs. Sac's Purple Kitchen, because she cooks the kind of food I want to eat!
My third pick is for Brianna at Oishii. I find her posts about cooking in Japan to be extremely interesting, and I like that she includes her cat in the blog too ;)
Next is for Elizabeth at Ugg Smell Food. I enjoy her posts, and as someone who is called "Chicken" by her husband, I appreciate that Elizabeth calls her husband "Ugg."

My final E goes to Nikki at Pennies on a Platter. Not only do I love her blog, but she introduced me to the glory that is Hawaiian rolls and for that I will forever be grateful.


Elizabeth said...

wow! thank you! This is my first nomination, so I'd like to thank the academy.....oh wait. Wrong award!

Thanks again, that was so sweet of you, and now I just have to figure out who to nominate!

amanda. said...

Aww! Thank you so much! Now I'm off to figure out who to pass the award on to!