Friday, December 7, 2007

Ready for Funfetti?

I've come to the conclusion that there isn't anyone out there who doesn't like Funfetti. Even the most dedicated from-scratch-only bakers will give in and whip up a Funfetti cake or a batch of cupcakes. For some reason the simple addition of colored sprinkles to the batter and frosting make Funfetti irresistible. So when I spotted a holiday version of the Funfetti cake mix and frosting in the grocery store, I snatched it up. I had offered to make a dessert for Joe to bring to his department Christmas party and thought that the Funfetti cupcakes would be perfect - festive, easy and delicious. Plus, I was thrilled to discover that the frosting had already been dyed green - no food coloring was necessary to jazz them up! I topped the frosting with the Funfetti sprinkles, and also did some up with plain red sprinkles and some crushed peppermint candies. Are you ready for Funfetti?

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Cooking and the City said...

Hello! here in Aus I've never heard of funfetti. your cakes look fabulous, love your blog. please feel free to take a look at the blog I just started