Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simple Sub Supper

I'm slightly embarrassed to post this dinner since it's not really a recipe, nor did it require any real cooking, but Joe deemed it a contender in his list of top five favorite dinners so I though that earned it a spot on the blog. Last weekend Joe picked us up sandwiches at Wawa (yes, we love the convenience store's sandwiches - wanna make something of it?) for lunch and he got the seasonal special - hot turkey and gravy on a roll. He loved the sandwich and was thrilled when I told him that I could easily recreate it for him for dinner this week. So we purchased thick cut turkey at the supermarket deli and I tossed it into the crockpot with two jars of turkey gravy. It heated on high for about two hours and was ready to go! We were both amazed at how delicious the turkey turned out. It was so juicy and moist that you would never have known it was from the deli and not a slow-roasted bird. I served Joe's sandwich on a torpedo roll and made mine into two mini sandwiches using the dinner rolls I made the other night. I also put a slice of cranberry sauce on my sandwiches. Yum! This was a great dinner for essentially no work!


Dana McCauley said...

The cranberry sauce totally makes this kind of thing scrumptious, doesn't it?

KMAYS said...

Wawa is the best convenience store ever! And the cranberry sauce sounds delicious, just like what I normally eat the day after Thanksgiving.

CRS said...

Oh how I love thee, Wawa!

My mom makes something similar, only in the microwave instead of the crock pot. Delish and so easy.