Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Less than a week into having my own blog, I've been tagged - twice! First by Mari of Mari's Munchies and then by Tiffany of Tiffany's Temptations . So I guess I have to share my 8 facts, since you're all dying to know ;)

1. My favorite thing to eat in the whole world is chocolate chip cookies, as you may have guessed from the theme of my blog. Nothing makes me happier than a soft, giant cookie. My favorite store-bought cookies come from Quick Chek, and being the wonderful husband that he is, Joe often stops there and picks me up treats.

2. I will not go upstairs to bed until the couch cushions are fluffed, the TV remote is neatly sitting on the coffee table and the house is generally in order. I am slightly obsessive compulsive like that.

3. I am addicted to Yankee Candles, but only the dessert-scented ones. Keep your "Fresh Linen" and "Gardenia" scents and give me "Chocolate Chip Cookie," "Creme Brule," and "Vanilla Cupcake."

4. Animals just crack me up. Show me a cat slipping off a windowsill or a dog bumping into a wall and I will laugh until I cry.

5. I was filmed for a Tae Bo infomercial last fall. While my footage ended up on the cutting room floor, I did get to spend the day working out with and talking to one of my fitness idols, Billy Blanks. He is a wonderful and inspiring person and it was a great experience.

6. One of my favorite places to be is the gym. I love socializing with people there and taking different classes. I also teach a class of my own called BodyAttack.

7. I get way too much pleasure from my cats. I love my dog Tucker, don't get me wrong, but I ADORE my kitties, Roy and Roger. They make me happy every day, and there's nothing better than being snuggled in bed with Roy in my arms Roger on my feet.

8. My husband Joe is the best friend I've ever had. We've been together for over 10 years and he is truly the love of my life. I am grateful every day that we found each other so young and are able to experience nearly our entire lives together.

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